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Bienvenue la Nouvelle Vague !

by Elena last modified 2011-08-25 12:52

August 2011 – A new exciting type release.

Bienvenue la Nouvelle Vague !

We enlarge our collection of inspired display script typefaces with this new release.
Nouvelle Vague has a distinguished retro look, defined by a steady rhythm, broken only by its offbeat, dynamic uppercase initials.

It started as a calligraphic piece of lettering for a French hotel, located in the heart of Quartier Latin in Paris; but when the client declined the idea of a retro feeling for his logo, Elena Albertoni simply felt the urgency to develop the sketches into a complete typeface.

The resulting face is directly inspired by French advertising scripts from the fifties, particularly by Roger Excoffon’s Mistral. In order to accentuate this influences and to reproduce their graphic impact, simply structured connections between letters are preferred over OpenType fanciness.

Do take a look! Here.

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